Join us for a free evening of original poetry and live music, in honor of the release of Laura Kauffman’s book “Carolina Clay: A Collection of Poems on Love and Loss.”

Kauffman, along with poets Rachel Welcher and Evan Welcher, will perform works exploring the space between hope and loss.

Glenwood artists Adam and Jenni Tibbs will perform live music throughout the evening.

The event will begin at 6:30 and will be followed by a meet-and-greet. Books will be available for purchase and signing.


Friday, Nov 22 @ 6:30

The Old First Baptist Church
212 N Vine Street,
Glenwood IA


LAURA KAUFFMAN: “Carolina Clay: A Collection of Poems on Love and Loss”

“Writing in league with Mary Oliver and Jane Kenyon, Laura Kauffman tills the soil of the soul. With Carolina Clay, she beautifully uproots connectedness: between life and death, beauty and ashes, generations of a family, and the sides of ourselves that we try to separate. Most important, her poems bear witness to all that binds us to the God waiting at the end of the end of our ropes.”

– Aarik Danielsen, Columbia Daily Tribune arts editor and Fathom magazine columnist

RACHEL WELCHER: “Two Funerals, Then Easter”

“Welcher deploys words and images – some playful, some fierce, some mournful, some brimming with wonder – in a way that leaves me with a renewed sense of hope, and grateful for it. She pushes against a culture where poetry has little place, and plants literary seeds for beauty, truth and goodness in the minds and hearts of her readers.”

– Russ Ramsey, pastor and author of “Struck” and “The Advent of the Lamb of God”

EVAN WELCHER: “Resplendent Bride”

E.M. Welcher is an author, poet, and pastor of Vine Street Bible Church in Glenwood, IA. His first book, “Resplendent Bride,” is a collection of essays on love and loss in which he explores his season of walking in the “shadowlands.” With wit and humor, honesty and hope, Welcher plumbs the depths of sorrow while keeping his gaze resolutely on his Savior. Watch for his newest work, a collection of poems, to hit the shelves in the not-so-distant future.