In her debut collection of poetry, Laura Kauffman explores the space between love and loss.


Compelled by the death of her grandmother, Kauffman embarks on a journey of discovery that leads her through the themes of history and heritage, age and dementia, and – ultimately – hope and healing.

Beginning in the dirt, Kauffman uses natural metaphors to explore her own disconnect from her origin.  Rich and gritty, the verses grieve the ground that has been lost to time.

The collection continues, inviting the reader to watch the progression of the life cycle.  Story sprouts, painting a portrait – certainly – of Kauffman’s grandmother, but also waiting a larger portrait of womanhood, memory, survival, and the South.

Carolina Clay explores the wilting effects of age, dementia, disconnect, and death.  Paired with poignant images, the poems weave a narrative that refuses to rush resolution.  Grief is given space to breathe.  Loss is allowed to linger.  

Ultimately, the cycle concludes where it began – with hope springing up from the ground.  This collection is a celebration of the history, the women, the suffering, and the solace that compose the richness of Carolina clay.


Available November 22, 2019 in bookstores and on Amazon.

Preorder available soon.






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