Liturgy #2 from the Email Series

We believe, O Creator,
that when You shaped us
in our inmost beings,
You saw all You made
and said it was good.

We believe, O Potter,
that You sculpted our souls
with thoughtful intention,
each line and angle
reflecting Your nature.

We believe, O Teacher,
that the discipline of
true self-awareness
will help us uncover
a glimpse of Your face.

Please teach us now
to know ourselves rightly:
to uncover the beauty
You wove in the essence
of our hearts and instincts and minds.

Teach us to know
how we hold time and space,
emotions and thoughts,
actions and stances.
Let none of Your work go unnoticed.

Teach us also to know
of our shadowy sides,
the lies and temptations
that speak to our needs
in ways that lead us into unhealth.

Teach us to look
with unwavering eyes
at the ways we bring pain
both ourselves
and to those whom we love.

Teach us to hold our brokenness
with hope, knowing the
shadows that lie in our souls
fade in the shadow
of your merciful cross,

knowing that
every clay pot
must be molded and trimmed
until it reflects
what the potter intended.

Teach us to use
this ancient tool
to understand – not only ourselves –
but also the hearts
and intentions of others

never to judge, to condemn,
or to shame but to offer
profound compassion and grace
to those who inhabit
the space of our days.

May it fill us
with wonder at the
beauty of your church, and
with patience as we learn
lives of holy connection.

And finally, Beloved,
teach us to know
the nail-scarred hands
that shaped and formed
each human heart.

We study ourselves
to Your end, not ours,
believing that the goal
of self-assessment
is not to put ourselves on the throne

but to better see,
with unveiled eyes,
the nature of Your precious face,
revealed so tenderly
in those You’ve created.


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