Inspired by the 4am/4pm poems Rachel Welcher penned in her breathtaking collection, Two Funerals Then Easter.  In her Lenten book club, she challenged us to write our own version of these poems.  Here they are.



At 4 pm, I ordered you
and your school-day energy
out of the door.

The tranquility of
my workday was
shattered by your

arrival home
and by your exposition on
how to kill a Minecraft zombie

I gazed wistfully back
at the peaceful hours
as you tugged on my
shirt and demanded a snack.

I reached out my hand
to give you an orange
and you reached out your palm
to rest on my face.

My internal silence
was shattered by
the tenderness of
your tiny hands,

a reminder that the
biggest loves
often demand
the biggest sounds.

And I thanked God
for the mercies of
citrus interruptions
and Minecraft villains.


You looked so peaceful,
wrapped up in your
Spiderman blanket and
footed pajamas.

I’d dreamed again
that you were gone
so I crept to your room
and climbed in your bed.

I hated to wake you
but needed to feel
the warmth of your breath
and sound of your voice.

“Mama loves you” I said
first softly then louder
’til your stirred in your
sleep and let out a sigh.

Appeased I dreamed
of your giggles and cries
and of the merciful relieving
of my fear of your silence.


3 thoughts on “POEM: 4pm/4am

  1. Absolutely, awesome….I can see it all laid out in my minds eye as I read, I can smell the orange and the scent of the sleeping child….


    I love your poems…💞💜

    Liked by 1 person

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