In just a few hours, I get to talk with 30 girls about writing poetry.  So this day is pretty much a win.  The American Heritage Girls group needs their “writer badge,” so I get to share some poems and talk about how great it is to play with words.

As I was preparing, I started flipping through my poems.  Which ones should I share with a room of 6-12 year olds?   I realized that the poems I wanted to explore weren’t my own: they were theirs.  What stories would these girls tell?  What emotions would they share?  What would it look like if they played with words?

Curiosity seized the day, and I created a poetry exercise for students.  As I share my poems, I hope they are inspired to create their own.

Scanning the lesson, I flashed back to my homeschooling days: my kids would have liked this.  I thought about the boy’s writing club that a friend of mine hosts.  I even considered that this could make for a fun ladies’ night.  You know.  If we added wine.

So I’m putting it out there for all you homeschooling, book clubbing, ladies’ night out-ing friends.  Feel free to use it in any way you’d like…*

(as long as you don’t sell it *which is the legal thing you have to say with free resources, I guess*)

The more poetry in the world, the better.  Let’s get writing.

Poetry Resource for Kids

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