*written for the women of the Franklin County CATCH Court, and for their patron saint in Luke 7

You divert your eyes and try not to stare

as she pours out her oils and lets down her hair,

exposing her soul and leaving it bare.


He whispers, Do you see this woman?


Every one of her tears holds a story inside

of times that she lost and of times she survived.

She wept for redemption and He simply replied,


Children, Do you see this woman?


He kisses her tears and calls her by name.

He throws off her demons of regret and of shame.

He drips out His blood and erases her blame.


Weeping, Do you see this woman?


Sometimes it’s easier to just look away.

You fumble and stammer and don’t know what to say.

But the smell of her perfume just won’t go away.


He pleads, Do you see this woman?


So to the woman who just wants to cower and hide,

who’s trapped in the shadows of heartbreak and pride,

know that the King has called you his bride,


Singing, Do you see this woman?


This woman whose beginnings felt more like an end,

whose battered-up heart feared it never would mend,

is my teacher, my partner, my sister, my friend.


My God, I see this woman.


She is strong and weak, and frightened and brave.

She’s slaying the demons who made her a slave.

She’s claiming her life back up out of the grave.


Just wait until you see this woman.


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